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Home-style Italian cooking


When it comes to Italy, there are two trinities that rule our heads and our hearts.

The Pope is the expert of one, and I am the expert of the other; food friends and family.

We have Paolo Conte on the turntables, pizza in the oven and vino in the bar. With the expertise of Jonathan Altmeyer-Cucolo and Alberto Zancan, It has been my mission to bring you the simplicity and flavour of home-style Italian cooking!

We use only the freshest local and seasonal ingredients, the finest Italian imports, and my favourite wines to transport the best of Italy to a warm and stylish setting in McKinnon. Relax with an aperitivo in our sunny courtyard, cosy into a candlelit corner, bring the kids for dinner or have the place to yourselves in one of our private dining areas. Whatever the occasion, we have it covered.

Like all the best things in life, the word allora is best left without explanation—You just have to experience it yourself. I’m the start of conversations and the conclusion. I’m new beginnings and the comfort of return.

Come and explore, and make yourself at home. You’re always welcome!

Un bacio,



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